Hello again guys, this time i make a Kekkai Sensn theme. I use the character Leonardo Watch.
This theme for Windows 8 and 8.1, i had test this theme on my two laptops with windows 8 and windows 8.1 on its.
Here more screenshoots of this theme \( ^ __ ^ )/

so... what do you think about this theme guys?? i hope you like it. This is a Free Themes, but you might want to donate first to support this blog and support me to keep making free themes. i'mnot forcing you though.
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Please Read Before Download and Install the Theme.
The theme will not be attached perfectly if you have not patch some of files needed to run the theme. So If this the first time for you, Please Read and Follow the Tutorial on Menu TUTORIAL in this Site.

This theme may contain images of this following site:
E-shuushuu.net, google, zerochan.net
And special Thanks for The Artists